Month: July 2007


Slept very little. From after 2 am til about 6:30. Tossed and turned. It’s hard to function properly in heat. I’m such a winter girl! Yesterday a reporter from one of the daily papers contacted me to interview me about . . . THE WEATHER! She was looking […]

Return to Oz

Like the phoenix from the ashes . . . blah, blah, blah, lets not go cliche crazy. I’m alive, nuff said. We’re in BnM production. Yes, again, so soon. June was late, August is almost kinda sorta early, which is to say, right on time. And I am […]

Self-Imposed Blogging Break

So I haven’t blogged all week, not since last Friday. I’m really busy with work and feeling a bit under the weather besides. But still here. Still around. Just taking a bit of a self-imposed blogging break. This weekend I had wanted to go to the Irish Festival, […]

My Lucky Day

Happy Friday the 13th! I worked pretty late last night and slept on the futon for the first time in months. It used to be a weekly occurrence back in Sackville. Of course, things were more scrunched up then, sleeping on the futon was mostly just to get […]

Water Water

I’ve started drinking tap water. The plastic jugs are over-running the apartment and starting to drive me crazy. Note to visitors — if you want bottled water, from now on bring your own. FYI. Yes, the tap water is a bit skanky. I will probably invest in some […]

Just Another Day

I am gradually discovering the world of internet television. It is interesting for sure. Today I woke up with a scene in my head. A scene. A line. A bit of foreshadowing, some irony. And then I got up out of bed, hit the keyboard and wrote a […]

What A Morning!

I’m having a great day! I packed my backpack with scribblers, books and pens, strapped it on and headed off over the hill. Even though I was going to the Goodie Shop restaurant, I went through the Ritchie Wharf and walked along the water for a way. Just […]

Tuesday Morn Coming Down My Tools to Life work is starting to take up a lot more time, which kinda freaks me out. I got up at 5:58 before the alarm screamed at 6, right into the bathroom, right into my clothes, right to the computer and my […]

Adios Amigos!

Happy Friday! I’m scrambling to get as much done as I can before leaving to go to my parents. So I’m cleaning and editing and doing dishes and writing and taking out the trash and blogging and getting something to eat and uploading things to a website. Multi-tasking! […]

She’s Back!

So yesterday was like this crazy big day or something. I slept in a little until nearly 8 then had to rush around in my usual morning routine in order to get to the bank shortly after it opened at 10. I needed to deposit the rent before […]