Taking the Long Way

Up at 6 this morn. Feeling pretty well rested. The humidity is a killer on energy, makes me want to sleep, weighs heavy on my body, in my joints. Last night the elderly couple who live two doors down on the ground floor were having drinks (a few too many maybe) and entertaining some company. Music blaring. But like Sinatra and similar. Old stuff. Classic. So it wasn’t too bad. One of the women got a little tight and teetered around the backyard singing about loves lost, swaying to the music, dancing with her beer. Kinda sad.

The boys from RW return this morning to finish my window. I requested bullet-proof glass . . . they didn’t quite know what to think. Do I look like an arms dealer? Anyway, looking forward to getting the window done. THIS just in time for Rock ‘n Roll Festival fireworks!! Yay! I think that’ll be nice.

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot going on this weekend on the Newcastle side of the river for Canada Day. Some bands at Ritchie Wharf, the parade, a pancake breakfast and that seems to be about all. Lots happening in Chatham. Next weekend is the crazy one for me. Too many things, not enough time. Ah well.

And now the day beckons.

Mood: chipper
Drinking: coffee, black, and water
Listening To: when you’re smiling, michael buble
Hair: we shouldn’t even talk about it anymore

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