Got It Going On

So Bon Jovi made a country album. Yeah. I’m not even kidding. I bought it. Complete with steel guitar and LeeAnn Rimes. Seriously. So, nothing really grabbed me first play. You know I am not a fan of country music. But IT IS Jon Bon . . . so on second playing, there are a few tracks starting to grow on me. I’m curious about how these songs are gonna fit into their regular tour though. I can’t imagine You Give Love a Bad Name following any of these songs . . . unless they rock them up. Curious. Very very curious.

Company coming for the weekend! And I’m excited! Trying to work and clean house at the same time. Guest won’t arrive until later this evening after supper, so there’s still time to get my shit together. Bringing a dog! Yeah. To my building. Apparently the beastie is well-trained and doesn’t bark inside. Which is not to say Nick will be coming to live with his Mama anytime soon. But still. A little furball will be nice to have around. Shouldn’t get me evicted. I swear I hear critters visiting people overhead . . . and I’m not talking about just the screaming girls. Hopefully we get some sunshine this weekend so Miramichi makes a good first impression, BOTH sides of the river 🙂

Mood: chipper
Drinking: coffee, black
Listening To: summertime, bon jovi
Hair: pulled back, pushed up, and contemplating a summer change

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