Unruly Tenants

So achy breaky bone tired today. Damn dampness! It’s one of those days when I just want to go back to bed and stay there, until tomorrow. Instead, I’m heading to the office for a meeting. No amount of coffee is going to whip me into alertness, methinks.

Last night there was a girl standing beside the guard rail at the cliff on my back lawn, screaming. I mean SCREAMING! And singing like some bjork song or something. Like singing to the heavens, flailing her arms, flinging herself around. Quite a big girl, no older than early 20s I’d say, perhaps a teenager, barefoot in the rain in the grass, wearing a pentecostal denim skirt midway on her calves, long hair held back in a bright canary coloured headband. She stayed out there screaming and singing and wringing her hands for about 30 minutes. It was bizarre. No idea whether she lives here or not. Did not really look like a summer solstice ceremony . . . no idea what she was all about.

Read an interesting analogy today. Our bodies are like apartment buildings and all our negative self-defeating thoughts and behaviors are tenants in the building. In fact they’ve been there longer than anybody else. They’re comfortable living in our building. They throw loud parties and eat pizza and drink tons of beer. They destroy our property. No respect for our building whatsoever. Yet, we’re the landlords, we want to protect our investment, protect our property. We have to throw those nasty tenants out and make room for some different tenants who will take good care of our apartment building. It’s not easy to get rid of the unruly guys though, they’re pretty settled in, been there a long time. They’re not gonna move out without a fight. But as the landlord, ultimately, what we say goes, so we’ve just gotta be diligent and see the fight through.

Nice analogy I thought. Makes sense. Give ’em the boot!

Mood: exhausted
Drinking: water
Listening To: summertime, bon jovi
Hair: i don’t wanna talk about it

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