Been Busy

Well last week was obviously a doozey, given I haven’t blogged since last Tuesday. Long days and even longer nights of work. Had a birthday Friday that I’d been looking forward to. Wanted to go out, have drinks, see live entertainment . . . or something. Had a sleepover, was too exhausted to party. Went up home on Saturday, found a party in progress. Of course, by the time I got there I had missed washers and supper and all that, and by the time I got my second wind, everyone else had gone to bed, so I went to bed too. Not too exciting. But I slept in Sunday morning and that was VERY exciting! Some fools just paddled by in a flat bottomed boat. What the hell? Who is out so early in a flat bottomed boat?

Yesterday afternoon, there was quite a commotion here. Four sets of cops and an ambulance showed up in the parking lot. No sirens. Later the coroner and the funeral home. Lots of photos being snapped and prolonged investigation. All I know for sure is one of my neighbour’s died. Same floor as me, which means it might be a young person as opposed to the older retired set who live on the bottom floor. I am hoping the deceased did not share my wall. Because yesterday morning my brother’s girlfriend announced that she had dreamed the night before that my bathroom had a ghost . . . and therefore she didn’t want to go in there anymore. I’m thinking younger person, suicide, maybe in the bathroom, or accidental overdose, maybe in the bathroom, maybe sharing my wall . . . maybe lingering spirit . . . I don’t mind seeing dead people that I know, but when strangers come to call it scares the daylights out of you. Remember the woman in Sackville? The one I figured came with the temporary summer tenants. Aye yi yi! She was a frightening apparition at 3am. Anyway, hoping I can find out details of yesterday’s death today, and put my mind to rest.

I am up early, having breakfast, before going for a walk. Alarm set for 5am instead of 6. Let’s see how this goes.

Mood: alert
Drinking: coffee (black, fresh ground, organic, fair trade, dark roast), water, skim milk
Listening To: just me and my fingers on keyboard
Hair: pushed off my forehead

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