Sex and Anarchy

Nothing says good morning like Sid Vicious. I have been busy. Blog neglectful. I am working so hard. It’s overwhelming. But not paralytic. I keep on keeping on. I can’t wait for the moment when I can catch my breath. Soon. Fingers crossed. Busy week coming up, lots of events, appointments, meetings, gatherings, and the like. The summer whirlwind is winding up. I think there are some swallows nesting in the eaves of my building. The singing in the morning is wonderful! I think they like my music. Last night I made an attempt to get to sleep early. I went in before it was even dark, at about 9:15, read for a half hour, turned out the light, focused on relaxing breathing and tried to quiet my mind. At 11 o’clock I gave up, turned on my boyfriend, George, and made popcorn because I was starving. Turned off the tv sometime after Arrested Development, drifted soon after. When my alarm went off at 6am it was a bit of a struggle but I pushed through. Lots to do! And Dad is coming this morning to deliver and hook up my washer and dryer. Praise Jesus! I have been holding off on the laundry situation waiting for this for WAY long . . . WAY!

Yesterday it was no problem to tell it was the weekend around here. Shortly after 3pm boats, kayaks and sea-doos of all sizes and colours begin a steady stream from Ritchie Wharf onto the river. Those sea-doo people are crazy mothers! They go 10 times faster than anyone else and seem to be 20 times as reckless. Anyone who brings a kayak into this river has balls, I’ll give them that. And now Johnny Rotten has left the building and I need more coffee.

Mood: surprisingly alert
Drinking: coffee, fresh ground, perked, dark roast, fair trade organic, black
Listening To: it don’t matter, matt mays
Hair: my hair used to be more interesting, i’m letting myself go

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