Walk Away Kel

I nearly pissed myself laughing last night. I’ve started listening to Podcasts while I have dinner. It helps to kill two birds with one stone. First, it keeps me from popping in a DVD and mindlessly vegging in front of the TV for two hours while I eat. Eating at the table in the dining room keeps me focused. And two, I get to actually listen to all these great Podcasts I subscribe to on iTunes without making me feel like I’m wasting time and being unproductive. I subscribe to about a half dozen, including about three from CBC Radio about books, authors, and writing, one from CBC Televison, YouTube, Tom Green (yeah, I can’t help myself), but my absolute favourite is Smodcast with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. If you have never listened to this, you just have to, I dare you not to laugh. Yesterday’s episode had a special guest host with Kevin Smith because Scott Mosier’s dog died (so sad 😦 I feel for him) and was taped on the east coast in Jersey because Kevin was on the road. They spent the whole hour pretty much talking about this gigantic flea market they went to. I snorted water up my nose a couple of times. They should issue a “Warning: Not to be consumed when consuming anything else” label on that. It’s some freaking crazy stuff. Anyway, I’m NOT going to tell you anything about it, other than you need to look that stuff up and give it a listen.

Walk weekend is rapidly approaching. I think it’s going to be a good experience. I’m looking forward to going to Moncton and spending some time with the kids. I’m not looking forward to trying to eat healthy and balanced while living in a hotel on a Mountain Road . . . but we’ll see how I do with that. Hopefully, I’ll find alternatives and not end up feeling crappy and lackluster. There are nearly 700 calories in a small peanut butter cup Blizzard. Think about that. I’ve much work to accomplish before I can mentally be prepared to leave for the weekend. But I’m working away at it diligently. Consistency is my new favourite word. Yesterday I cracked 2,000 words on a story, a personal record for me. That’s one story. THE story. That doesn’t include all the other crap I write on a daily basis. I never count any of that stuff. I never count this blog. I should though. Because sometimes I blog good stuff. Not today, perhaps. But sometimes. But when I think about the act of committing anywhere from 1,000-2,000 focused words per day, EVERY day, consistently . . . the possibilities blow my mind. Maybe there’s hope of me evolving into a “real” writer yet. I’m certainly evolving. I hardly recognize myself in the mirror when I look into it at 6:05 every morning and say, “Hello inner voice! The day is mine!” Yeah, right out loud. And I don’t care who hears. And at that quiet time of the morning if anyone’s listening, they will hear. But I don’t care how crazy it might seem to be talking to myself out loud in the mirror, because dammit if this motivational stuff isn’t working. It’s starting to take. Stuff is happening!

Mood: driven
Drinking: water, coffee, luke warm and black
Listening To: nothing yet, but I’m about to put on a little Tragically Hip
Hair: damp from this morning’s shower still

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