Sunday, Sunday Here Again a Walk in the Park

And here we are again–Sunday! My favourite day of the week. A bit chilly this morning because I slept with my window open and temperatures dropped overnight. I plugged in the tv last night for the first time since last Sunday, so I could just roll over at 7:30 this morning and snap on Coronation Street.

Some people think my Corrie obsession is a bit odd, but I say, don’t knock it until you’ve given it a go. There are reasons why it’s the most popular soap throughout the world. It’s fun! I love the humour. And I also like how story lines unfold quickly, not like the American soaps where you can tune in only once every few years and still find everyone facing the same problems they were the last time you tuned in. And there are no evil enemies with supernatural powers to be overcome. The antagonists are just regular everyday bitches and scoundrels–womanizers, liars, cheaters, wife beaters, manipulators, thieves, murderers, etc. It’s all very ordinary. Yes, you wish someone would finally slap that smug look off Charlie’s face because he is a bastard, and you’ve met many like him in your travels about the world. And when he finally gets his (and he will) you can trust that he won’t be coming back from the dead in some sort of miracle surgery that nobody in the real world has ever heard tell of.

Anyway, with the Stanley Cup almost claimed, the Street will move back to its regular Mon-Fri evening time slot at 7pm and my Sunday mornings will no longer be filled with a full week’s worth of episodes. I’m kind of considering not returning to my regular evening schedule and keeping the Sunday morning ritual instead, but then if I miss a Sunday morning because I’m away, I will miss a whole week of episodes . . . and if you miss a whole week of Coronation Street, you miss a lot of stuff! A lot can happen in a week on the Street.

I seem to be developing a bit of an obsession for all things British these days–music, movies, tv shows, books. One day I will cross the pond and visit, fill my boots!

And now a gorgeous Sunday afternoon beckons. Jumbo jets heading west fill the sky. Pleasure boaters cruise past on the river. Somewhere somebody mows their lawn. The puppy next door barks at kids playing basketball and boomerangs. I need to eat lunch before I lose the afternoon and find myself at dinner.

Mood: peaceful
Drinking: water, water, water, 20 oz at a time
Listening To: life beyond the screens of my windows
Hair: needing colour

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