Opportunity Knocks

This morning my feet hit the floor at 6am again in one swift motion with the act of turning the alarm clock off. And did I EVER want to go back to bed! Oy! I was so groggy I had to read my checklist to see what I was supposed to say and do next, lol. I teetered on the edge of the bed for a good 30 seconds staring longingly at my pillow. But then I said to myself, “You’ll be fine once you’re up and around. Just do it!” And I did. And I was. And when I smiled in the mirror and declared the day was mine, I felt it!

Yesterday started off strongly enough, but got off-track around noon and didn’t really make a comeback after that. I mean I still got a lot done, hell, I even exercised! But some important things (there are some very, very important things) didn’t get done. That’s not going to happen today! Today I am focused and determined to get as much done as I possibly can. This day is really mine!

I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve started devoting about a half hour each day to life lessons, working on my toolbox for living, my life skills. That’s where the morning exercise came from. I am very determined to evolve into that person I’ve always wanted to be. And this is part of the journey. One thing in particular that I am working on is becoming a person of action, leaving my procrastinating self in the dust. It’s difficult. Yesterday I might even have said it’s a problem. Yesterday I probably would have said I’m having a situation. But today I’m striking the word “problem” from my vocabulary. A problem is something you can’t do anything about. It’s a brick wall you can’t go through, around, over or under. I don’t have a problem with procrastination.

What I do have is an opportunity to take control of my projects, to be a leader and an example to others, to be successful in every aspect of my life, to fill myself with the satisfaction of having reached my goals and to energize my life with the excitement of always pursuing new dreams and goals. My life is full of opportunities! And that’s pretty exciting stuff!

Mood: motivated
Drinking: water, fresh ground java with a splash of skim
Listening To: revving engines somewhere nearby
Hair: headbanded in blue speckled elastic

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