Craving Salsa

My bones say a weather change is enroute. Maybe even snow, says my dad and Environment Canada. Yeah . . . won’t that be lovely? NOT! This evening I am craving salsa and those multi-grain tortilla chips. I love those! They are the devil. Of course, I’ve never actually read the ingredients to see how devilish they are, so maybe they’re not that bad. I’ll have to have a look-see. I have all the fixings to make my own salsa (tomatoes, hot peppers, limes, onions, etc.) which I like a lot better than the stuff you buy anyway, and mine doesn’t have any sugar or preservative crap. I don’t have any chips, but I’ve got some rye crisp breads that might work. Trouble is, I’m much too tired to go about making all that and then eat it as my chin falls onto my chest and I crash for the night. Not good! So maybe tomorrow. IDEA! I could make some with eggs for breakfast! That would be yummy.

This morning I got up around 7 and went for a walk down to the Cove. This time I actually went in and did a loop. Didn’t see a soul. Saw a huge ground hog though. Soon I’ll start packing my backpack and getting some creative time down there. Looking forward to that, but for now I’m too caught up in other work-writing to take the extra time. Soon. Of course, with the weather being what it is today, my left knee has complained all day that it went walking and insists it won’t go willingly again tomorrow. We shall see. Perhaps I can trick the stubborn joint by bribing it with the promise of red wine after a walk downtown to the liquor store, rather than the usual nature hike with squirrels? Ahh! Now, there’s a solid plan. Best idea I’ve had in days.

Mood: bizarre
Drinking: rooibos
Listening To: twitters . . . or maybe just twits
Hair: off my face, and turning a most hideous shade of blonde from harmful uv rays đŸ˜¦

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