Up late last night, working and stuff, nearly 3am by the time I got into bed, later than that by the time I fell asleep. Up at 8:45 this grey cool morn. I’m not such a big fan of working into the wee hours anymore. I honestly never thought I would ever say this but I like being in bed before midnight. It’s the craziest thing. Who the hell am I and what have I done with Kellie?! But seriously, I’ve spent the first 37 years of my life being a night hawk, pulling frequent all-niters, sleeping 5 hours/night on average and then one day it just stopped. Exhausted from moving, packing, unpacking, carrying, I tumbled into bed around 8pm and fell into a coma sleep, awaking completely refreshed and alert in a way I’d never quite experienced before at 4:30 the next morning. And I got up and lunged into the day, thinking it was a fluke, a one-shot deal. And I’ve been consistently getting 7-8 hours sleep every night, getting to bed before midnight, and getting up anywhere from 4:30 to 7am ever since. This freaks me out in all kinds of ways.

I was just checking in with my goals. You remember, I do them every January, post them on the blog, then assess how well I did and set new goals the following January. I’ve also got my goals written in the front of my day planner, so they’re not buried in the blog out of sight out of mind. This year I was very focused. Two things-Health & Work. These were broken down into more specific steps . . . drink 8 glasses of water/day, eat breakfast everyday, focus on getting all your nutrients everyday, control portions, walk everyday, strength exercise, find an activity, get 8 hours of sleep every night, practice yoga, meditate, get organized & stay organized, declutter, plan and follow through, focus & maintain focus, and get ahead of your workload and stay out front. I’m feeling pretty good about these goals! I’m doing them! Not just some of them but I’m hitting a lot of the steps and it’s only May still. I continue on this path and come January I’m going to have an excellent progress report and be ready to set some heavy duty goals for next year. I’m excited about this. I feel like I’m right on the verge, the cusp, of finding the balance I’ve been craving in my life for years.

Mood: adrenalinized
Drinking: coffee/water (getting my 8 glasses of water consistently everyday now)
Listening To: time of your life, matt mays & el torpedo
Hair: damp and drying

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