Storm Watch

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a big fan of the thunderstorm. Well, it’s not even the t-storm so much, I am not a big fan of lightning . . . and I’m really, really, really not a big fan of the tornado. Yeah. So, tornadoes come out of severe t-storms, therefore, t-storms are the devil.

A few years ago we had a really bad storm, like wicked. This was before I moved to Sackville even, because I was at my mom’s. I’m talking hail, zero visibility, insane winds. It was a little terrifying. The worst storm I’ve ever been in. There were a couple of summers where every day it seemed like we were having lightning. S and I drove from Bathurst to Miramichi in a terribly nerve-wracking storm that seemed to follow us along the highway, keeping pace. We never drove out of it. So for awhile I had some kind of post-traumatic thing going on with t-storms. I was obsessed. What? Yes, I WAS obsessed, I’m not anymore. Now, I’m just aware. There is a difference. I know some of you think I’m still obsessed, but trust me, I am 200x better than I used to be.

We had some pretty crazy storms the past two summers in Sackville. We even had a tornado watch down there last year, a funnel cloud spotted on the highway in Moncton. Eek! So I had a routine in bad t-storms in Sackville, where I would go downstairs into my foyer, sit on my favourite chair beside my bookcase and read. And depending on how severe the storm got, have a shot of vodka to calm my frazzled nerves. I liked that spot because it was a non-electrical room, no outlets. And you also couldn’t see outside from there, very little window coverage going on. So in this way I got through the storms without becoming obsessed again.

So here’s the thing. All I’ve been doing since I moved here is rave about my fantastic view . . . my whole front wall is nothing but WINDOWS! And I’m wired to the max! An electrical outlet on every wall and usually two or three . . . it’s convenient . . . but the question becomes, where do I go now when a severe t-storm hits? Where is my comfort zone?

Environment Canada says:

Text Forecast from Environment Canada
Miramichi: Issued 11.00 AM ADT Friday 11 May 2007

Cloudy with sunny periods. Showers beginning this afternoon. Risk of a thundershower. Amount 5 mm. Wind southwest 20 km/h. High 24. UV index 7 or high.
Showers ending near midnight then clearing. Risk of a thundershower. Amount 10 to 15 mm. Wind southwest 20 km/h becoming light this evening. Low plus 5.

And here I am, without a plan, without a safe zone, without any vodka! What the hell?!

Mood: nervous
Drinking: coffee/water
Listening To: cocaine cowgirl, matt mays
Hair: in a headband

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