Morning Girl

My how times have changed. This morning, lying in bed, awake but freezing, around from just before 6am on . . . and the more after 6 heading to 6:30 the time becomes, the more I think to myself, “Get up! You’re sleeping in! You’re going to miss the day!” Which gets my feet to the floor and my body in motion. And all this long before 7 even comes into the picture. Remember when I did my list of 101 Things in 1001 days? One of the things on my list was to get up by 7:30am everyday for a month. Remember that? My thought was that if I could force myself into it everyday for a month, by the end of that time it would have become a habit and voila! I’d be a morning person. I had a couple of failed attempts. And then I lost some focus on my list (need to get back to that soonish) and sometime after I forgot about it altogether I just up and started getting up way early all on my own. Kinda weird. But I totally think I can cross that one off my list. I appear to have become a morning person, for freaking real! And you see it’s things like that, that give me hope. Ten years ago if you had told me or anyone who knew me that one day soon I’d be a non-smoking, hot sauce loving, red wine drinking, morning girl . . . we would’ve laughed you off the planet. But things change. Constantly. And I’m the instigator behind all of these changes. So if I can convince myself of all these other things, one day I will be the healthy/balanced/fit person that I dream about being.

Mood: optimistic
Drinking: coffee with skim/water
Listening To: pump it, black eyed peas
Hair: not holding colour like it used to, this spring i’m feeling like i wanna go dark, which is unusual as i frequently go blonde for summer

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