Darkness Falls

So I’m withdrawing from society for the weekend. Do you ever do that? No, not you with the blinds closed! I know you do, but what about everyone else? You know, the normal people, the non-Underhills? Do normal people just decide they can’t be bothered with the rest of the world, unplug the phone, disconnect from the Internet, close the curtains, and . . . do whatever it is people do when they’re not socializing? Yes, I know, begs the question–what exactly is normal?

Anyway, I’m withdrawing. Have withdrawn. I am NOT depressed! Just giving myself permission to focus inward is all. I very much need to knock some stuff off my list. A whole lot of stuff in progress, not much completed. Withdrawal is the key to completion. Completion is the goal of the weekend.

In other useless blather, I stumbled into Lonelygirl15 on YouTube and I don’t know if it’s my lack of television and new dvds or the cutey-patootie Jonas, but I find myself somewhat hooked on this bizarre internet serial.

Mood: zoning in for the kill
Drinking: cold coffee, warm juice
Listening To: nothing really
Hair: back in a royal blue band

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