How fast can you type?
That’s difficult to say. In high school I was 60 wpm, but then I got away from it, didn’t have a computer, etc. Jobs that didn’t require typing, etc. So when I was doing some testing for like the gun registry and places, it was around 30-35 wpm (but very accurate). Now, I would say I type as fast as I ever have, ever will. It’s an instant thing, I can type as fast as I can think it up, much much faster than writing long hand.

What is your favorite online game?
Well everyday I do the Sudoku puzzles at Pogo.com. I like to think they help unlock my brain cells. It’s more an exercise rather than for fun. But I’m a little bit addicted to Mahjongg at YFly.com. Yeah, that can be a dangerous place for me to go. That’s some fun stuff.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 as highest), how intelligent do you think you are?
Lordy! That is a difficult question. I mean what does intelligent even really mean? I guess if you start out at 0 when you’re a baby I might be about halfway, at 5. I know I know a helluva lot more than I used to and yet, I’ve a long way to go to figure it all out. Maybe halfway is too optimistic but I’m not gonna live forever so I have to think I’m at least a 5 by now.

Name three of your best teachers from your school years.
Miss Rolfe, 6th grade, made each of her students feel unique and special. I felt like she cared, like she bothered to get to know me.
Mr. Hendry, throughout high school, he was fun and young and again he cared about us. He taught me chemistry, a subject I would normally not enjoy or excel at, but Hendry made it interesting and fun and never made me feel stupid because I didn’t come to those things naturally. I wish he had taught me Math.
Mrs Walls/Mr LeBlanc, English teachers throughout high school, they were very encouraging and supportive of my writing, always believed in my creative ability, that I had talent.

What are your plans for this upcoming weekend?

Plans? I don’t really have any plans. There is a benefit happening at the Irish Pub for a girl I am writing a story about, but I haven’t been able to find anyone to go with, not sure I want to go alone.

Mood: headachy
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: cbc radio words at large podcast
Hair: uncombed

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