High School Confidential

Rough trade. Carol Pope. She remade that song for Queer as Folk, for the gay man perspective. No matter. Thinking about my high school today. I believe we’ve got a reunion in the mist. What is it about the high school reunion? Just makes you feel like an awkward teenager all over again. Our class was so small, no chance of sneaking in and not being noticed. Do I look old and tired? Sometimes I feel old and tired. Sometimes I see people younger than me who look old and tired . . . makes me wonder. Because I don’t really know. I can’t really see myself. I only exist inside my brain. Well, this weekend was a total write off. I accomplished nothing workwise. And nothing homewise. And I didn’t even get any rest. Such is life I guess.

Mood: sore
Drinking: nothing
Listening To: sirens in the distance
Hair: back in a band

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