Good Morning Miramichi

I stayed in bed until 10:30 today. Why? Because I felt like it. It used to be my normal time to rise every day, before the move, before I suddenly got turned onto mornings. (How did that happen anyway? Who would’ve ever thunk it?) And now it’s late, lol, I’ve missed half the day! No matter, it’ll be an early morning tomorrow regardless, which will put me back on track. Tomorrow I’m going to a 7:30 breakfast meeting at the Rodd with the Mayor. The State of the City address, I guess. Reminds me, I need to make arrangements to get a ticket today.

It’s still grey and dreary here. Cold. I have so much frigging work to do. It’s overwhelming. Life at the moment, is extremely overwhelming. But that’s okay. I’ll get through it and be better for it. Right? That’s what I keep telling myself.

Mood: buried in grey
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: my refrigerator . . . dude, i think it might be on its last
Hair: in my eyes

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