The Condition Worsens

So I took everything I have, sinus, pain and otherwise . . . nada! I just want to rip my head off. That might do it. Is this hay fever? Spring allergies? What the frig! It’s definitely sinus, though I’ve no stuffyness, no nasal drip. I’ve just got pressure. Lots and lots of pressure. In the sinus cavity. In behind my eyes. In my head. It’s so hard to focus, so difficult to think. And I really, really, really need to be able to think right now. Sammy is lost. And I’m the only one who can help him. Nobody else is gonna do it. And now suddenly I’m in the home show. Wham! Bam! Thank you M’am! Just like that. Poof! Better than David Copperfield. Swollen ankles and all. If I had Adam Sandler’s remote from Click, I’d fast forward through this part. I’m thinking we need a wrap party at the end of this issue. A gathering to blow off steam. I know nobody else is there yet. The back end production/design/distribution part hasn’t begun yet. It might even seem a bit far off yet to those guys. I’m always the first to tilt into the chaos. It’s the writing. I take the writing too seriously, because dammit, I’m a writer. I’m like the artist playing pictionary. You just want to strike me and yell, “Do stick people for Christsake!!” I can’t do stick people. I probably shouldn’t be writing everything when I can’t do stick people.

Went out to supper this evening. A celebration of sorts. My sister is doing well, finding her way, building bridges, laying bricks, climbing the ladder. She’s on her way and I wanted to acknowledge that in some small way. So we went for dinner at Bistro 140, which is rapidly becoming my absolute favorite place. Though I’ve only been twice. They are two for two and I’ll be back for thirds with pleasure! Tonight I tried the pecan chicken with rice pilaf and the drumstick square for dessert. They were busy and we didn’t have a reservation (I highly recommend calling ahead and making a reservation if you plan to go on the weekend as both times I’ve been, they’ve been packed), but we managed to snag a table by the bar (the last one at that time.) We ordered drinks and talked for awhile and then after quite awhile we were served complimentary house salads and a basket of rolls because the kitchen was backed up. A welcome surprise! The wait staff are among the best trained I’ve seen anywhere. Very professional. Very much on top of things. Despite being extremely busy. Now that I think of it, I should have tipped more. The raspberry vinegarette dressing was superb!

My sister is a somewhat fussy eater. She is generally afraid to try new things, to try sauces and things. So she got the pork without the mushroom sauce. I had it last week with the mushroom sauce and it was divine. But my chicken! The chicken was something else entirely. Special! I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy the djion mustard sauce, but it was very subtle and nice not overpowering at all. But the highlight was the dessert. I had never had a drumstick square before. And now I will dream about them and seek out recipes and maybe even attempt to make my own. Oh my God! It was the most amazing thing I’ve had in a really, really, really long time. Even better than those Lindt eggs that were out at Easter. I nearly pulled a Meg Ryan’s Sally right at the table in front of everyone. The waitress asked how it was and I was speechless with huge eyes. An experience.

I saw many plates of pasta coming out of the kitchen and it looked delicious. I’ve heard they make their own pasta. And it is a specialty with many dishes on the menu, so I think next time I will try it. Who can I get to go eat with me next Friday night? Volunteers?

Mood: compacted
Drinking: red stuff
Listening To: train whistle
Hair: flippy

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