I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell
I know, right now you can’t tell
But stay awhile and maybe then you’ll see
A different side of me
I’m not crazy, I’m just a little impaired
I know, right now you don’t care
But soon enough you’re gonna think of me
And how I used to be

Low tide, water smooth like a pane of glass. Gorgeous. New pollutant on the river this morning. Blackish smoke drifting up and over the water. Like they sent out one big shot of crap, sneak it out early when people aren’t paying attention. Weird.

I’m not well. Haven’t been since yesterday afternoon sometime. Not sure what’s up, slight stomach virus maybe? Allergies? Sinus? Got some stomach stuff happening, like pain, not nausea. Major headache happening. Pain around my eyes. Hard to concentrate and focus. Difficulty sleeping last night. Restless. Unpleasant thoughts.

Couldn’t go for a walk last night because I’m swollen again. Ankles mostly. Still semi-swollen this morning. Gonna have to get horizontal for a time. Perhaps I need to watch another movie besides The Wizard of Oz. Everyday this week I’ve watched the Wizard. Bits and pieces, not all of it, everyday. I’m about to implode from the pressure of it all. Great practice for the 3-day novel contest. If I live to see the day, I may even enter. Somehow I think that would be easier though, because that would be my story. This isn’t. I don’t know what this is. It’s the reason artists drink. To have done it right I should have started last June. I’m the Debbie Macomber of tourism writing.

It would be helpful if my head wasn’t splitting in two. I have taken some ibuprofen and now don’t want to dump sinus meds on top, lest I O.D. and people blame Sammy, lol. So, I’ll wait a bit, then pop the non-drowsy sinus meds. They always make me happy.

Not that I’m unhappy, I’m just unwell. Watery eyes, squinting because it hurts to see. I am starting to see the parallels though. You watch the Wiz everyday, and you start to see it. The problem is delicate. The balancing act. How to say it all, let the story build and develop in a natural way, and get everyone in and have it all resolved in 7000ish words. This is the challenge. Tight writing takes some time. Time has not been my friend on this project. At this point one just has to take a deep breath and pray this thing comes together. Cuz right now alls I got is a bunch of disjointed overwritten crap. Oy!

Yes, I know, I ALWAYS say that . . . but this time is different. This time I’ve got a friggin sinus headache! Ok, enough freaking out. Time to get back to it. I can’t get over how calm the water is even as the tide shifts. What a day!

Mood: achy
Drinking: coffee, mostly black, juice, 100% blackberry & pomegranate
Listening To: comfortably numb, the scissor sisters
Hair: in the blue speckled headband

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