Aching Muscles

Two for two on the daily walk thing for this week. Last night was easier than the first. Climbed the steeper, longer hill last night. Will switch it up again next time to incorporate the two steeper, longer hills. Aye! My calf muscles! This is a good kind of pain though, not the same thing at all as arthritis burning joint pain. This evening I believe I have a function to attend . . . I believe. So I’ve got to try and get out and walk a bit on my own sometime today.

Frye Fest starts today and I’m not there 😦 Sucks to be poor sometimes. I’m missing Harvey Pekar. I can’t even think about it or my head will blow off. How is it that I consistently miss the biggest literary event in the Maritimes for almost a decade? This is the last year for such foolishness.

Need to do laundry today. It’s difficult to stay focused when outside is so beautiful. I wish I could open the window (this fall, I’m told) and sit and write whatever the hell I felt like. I write and write and write but never anything I really care about, never any of my work. How am I supposed to write plays and novels and short stories when I’m burnt from writing press releases and magazine articles all the time? This is the big question. This has always been my big question. Balance. It’s all about balance. As God is my witness, one day I’ll have balance in my life.

Mood: determined
Drinking: coffee with cream, blackberry & pomegranate juice
Listening To: gurgles in my stomach as breakfast digests
Hair: surprisingly straight for lack of flat ironing

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