Me! Me! Me!

Finally! A ME Day! A day where I set aside all the obligations and commitments to others and just look after me and all the personal stuff that will make me happy. Like finally getting caught up on the dishes, the laundry, sweeping the floors, vacuuming, scrubbing, getting organized, washing the windows, THE BATHROOM! etc. and so on. Lets just say a lot of crap has been going to the wayside in these hectic April times. A lot! lol. T keeps urging me to make a list describing the man I would like to share my life with, and then I’ll know him when I see him. Definitely, I’m thinking, I need a man to take care of the domestic stuff for me. Or to force me to take the blinders off and slow down once and awhile to look after my household. I need a man with a dishwasher! And a washer & dryer! πŸ˜€ If I had these tools in my apartment, I would be laughing. Then I would only need a chef. Someone to cook for me and make sure I get my meals and vitamins. I don’t think I’ve ever had a man who took care of me, certainly never financially, but not otherwise either to my recollection. Maybe it is time to make the list.

Surprise visitors this morning. I’m still shocked every time my doorbell rings. I know people! And they visit! Wow! What a concept. I think I was a little rude though. Sorry guys. I was just shocked, lol. And all my dishes were dirty, so I couldn’t even offer coffee or anything 😦 Actually I thought all my dishes were dirty, but then noticed a whole row of mugs after you left. THEN I felt guilty that I didn’t offer coffee, because I could have. Instead all I offered was the view. Oh well. Here’s to pleasant diversions! I hope you didn’t mind the mess. It’s much better now! I do like having people come visit though. It’s wonderful to have this sense of family and community again. I hadn’t known how alone I’ve been for the past several years. And even the solitary writer needs human contact apparently. Still it takes getting used to, this being able to go places and see people I know and be social all the time. It’s good mojo for me.

And now, back to ME!

Mood: up
Drinking: nothing, just ate a tuna pita tho
Listening To: gulls
Hair: headbanded for optimum cleaning eyesight

One thought on “Me! Me! Me!

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  1. AH relax.Your house was not a mess.Mine was a mess when I left and when I returned,lol.This time of year the kids track so much dirt into the house and they hardly ever take their boots off at the door.And by the way I didn’t want a coffee,lol.Sorry we dropped in unexpectantly.Hope you enjoyed your Me day.


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