I have discovered a new band that I love, The Ringers. I added a YFly player to my sidebar with one of their songs, Kamikaze Heart in my playlist. Listen! I love it. There’s some video and other things from other people in there. I had to shrink it pretty small to get it to fit on the sidebar, but I didn’t like it anywhere else, seemed too big and wanky.

Up since 5am. Had a weird dream with a lot of opposites. Like sleeping the wrong way in the bed. No time for details but it was weirdly interesting. In the dream I shot a .22 rifle in my mother’s house . . . to try and keep my father from breaking in . . . yeah, THAT kind of a dream. The gun was very vivid though. There was much tension in this dream. And two black/white cats. And one of my nieces sleeping on the floor in between twin beds. Weirdness.

Going upriver today. Sunny Corner way I think. Sammy’s tourist tour continues. I am tired of travel. I think I’m going to skip Frye. I’m just played out and the idea of a week away freaks me out. Plus I can’t afford such shenanigans. I mean I’d have to count my chickens before they hatch. Borrow my income tax from my parents and pay it back when (and if) the cheque comes. Do I really want to spend my income tax refund on hotels in Moncton when I’m struggling every month to pay the rent and buy groceries? I feel some obligation to attend the WFNB event, but c’est la vie. I can’t help it if I’m poor. Most people can realistically only do one or the other every year, either the AGM or Frye Fest. This year I had to go to AGM. Next year AGM is coming to me, so then maybe I can do Frye. Certainly the year after that, it’ll be clear sailing all the way to Frye Fest.

Last night a huge flock of ducks sailed past my window with the rising tide. They were on a pretty big chunk of ice. You couldn’t even see any white, just black, just ducks. At least 500 and maybe more. I’ve never seen anything like it. I guess they were huddling because of the cold maybe. Then all at once about 20 robins landed on the back lawn. I wonder if the birds stay in front of here all summer or if this is just a spring thing. I wish the kids could see them. It’s awesome. I haven’t seen any eagles in a few days though. I’m wondering if they’ve gone someplace else.

Mood: alert
Drinking: freshly ground viennese coffee with real cream
Listening To: kamikaze heart, the ringers
Hair: in need of some laundering

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