The First Supper

I moved exactly 2 months and 1 week ago today. And yesterday I had my first supper in my new apartment. Yes, there have been meals here. I even had my brother and his girlfriend over for a birthday supper celebration. But even that wasn’t a “real” supper (a Maple Leaf fully cooked microwaveable roast). I haven’t been cooking. I’ve been eating crazy stuff like french fries and Kraft Dinner and cans of spaghetti. Beggars truly cannot be choosers. But after 2 months and a lovely gift certificate from the WFNB things are turning around on the food front.

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping! With a cart and everything! I couldn’t get much meat, unfortunately there didn’t seem to be many good deals and I’m only willing to splurge on certain items. But I did get yogurt, pomegranate/cranberry juice, rooibos tea, Viennese coffee beans, oatmeal, chick peas, olive oil, albacore tuna, Frank’s Red Hot sauce, jerk sauce, bottled water, whole wheat kaiser rolls, broccoli, snow peas, garlic, mushrooms, almonds, green peppers, red peppers, grape tomatoes, bananas, green onions, hummus, grated Parmesan cheese, Ryvta Crispbread, whole wheat pitas, a loaf of dark rye bread, eggs, a big container of the President’s Choice field greens salad that I love, chicken wings, a roast beef, kidney beans, a whole bunch of cleaning supplies, and even more. Nearly $200 worth and finally I am in heaven! Or at least a place where I feel that I can begin to eat regular healthy meals again and start taking my vitamins and drinking water and get physically back on track.

Last night I dined on chicken wings smothered in Frank’s (too spicy for the average bird, a little dab will do ya, but I love it!), a side salad in raspberry vinegarette, slices of dark rye to keep the spicy in check, and a glass of French red wine (also courtesy the WFNB, thank you!) It was like I was finally home. Not that I’ve felt dislocated or not at home, but the lack of fresh greens in my lifestyle has been kinda devastating.

This morning I started my day with a banana, rye toast with peanut butter, and a cup of Viennese coffee (freshly ground), followed by a slew of vitamins and supplements and a big glass of water. I’m gonna have lunch! And supper! And maybe a snack or two throughout the day. Now, it’s like, “Ok, I can start walking again, I can start exercising. I can get back on track.”

Mood: pdh (pretty damn happy)
Drinking: coffee & water
Listening To: the train whistle (perhaps late from Monteal)
Hair: in a headband

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