Another Great Day!

When my alarm rang at 5 this morning, I didn’t know what was going on. All confused. Took a good 10 minutes to become alert enough to remember that today I go to Sackville for WFNB AGM weekend. Yes, that’s today! Already. And I’m not ready. So much to do. No way to do it once I leave. So, trying to get stuff done, right now!

Yesterday’s Tabu excursion was good. BnM is selling out down there, waiting lists at some places. Everyone we met had seen it somewhere, knew of it. This is good.

High tide took out some ice in front of my place yesterday (while I was gone, of course). There was a massive high tide yesterday it seemed. We were on the docks at the wharf in Tabusintac, the wind rocking the van. It felt like the wind was so powerful that if it just got the right hold on the van I would’ve been picked up or at least toppled over and gone into the water, the very high tide water. I didn’t like that much. I am so much more the fresh water river girl, Quarryville Bridge and up is more my speed. So this morning the whole middle of the river seems to have open water (actually more like a thin ice that will dissipate with the sunrise), but I don’t know that the ice isn’t still under there. There’s no running, no ice flowing. Too bad I missed whatever happened yesterday 😦 I’ll likely return from Sackville to a full flowing river.

Oh well, off to the races. No blogging from Sackville. All the details upon my return.

Mood: pretty good
Drinking: coffee, with cream, and a big ole glass of water
Listening To: crows cawing!
Hair: total bed head

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