Domesticated Redundance

Up before the birds again this morning. I like getting up early. This realization freaks me out somewhat. Because I love staying up late too. I’ve seen dawn come more times in the past couple of months since the move than I have in all the rest of my life put together. I mean actual dawn on a night’s rest. For a lot of years I saw it from the back end coming in. So this is a big change for me. And I like it.

So today I’m up early cuz we’ve got a big day planned. I’m being picked up around 9:30 and heading to the Chatham Farmer’s Market where I will have the best breakfast (and the best deal on breakfast) that you can get anywhere around. Then we’ll idle around downtown Chatham shopping and snacking (can you say Napan Bakery?!) until noonish when I’ll finally darken the doors of the new Irish pub and meet somebody for a story interview. Then off to the office for a brief bnm meeting (postponed from yesterday) and then . . . who knows?! I know there will be supper. I’ve heard some mall rumors. Certainly we’ll have fun. And then I’m off to Barny for easter with the one true love of my life– the Nickmeister! I haven’t seen him in ages. Poor guy stayed up late sitting in the window waiting for me to come last weekend, and then I didn’t.

Oh well, daylight’s here. Off to the races!

Mood: like the energizer bunny
Drinking: cafe
Listening To: just me
Hair: really high off my forehead, not quite the martin short cowlick, but . . .

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