Good Day

Good day, eh. I loved Bob & Doug, loved SCTV. Crazy legs! Remember him? Cracked me up every time. I was what? 12?

So, today is Good Friday. Happy long weekend! It is not a holiday for me. No rest for the mighty, you know. I’ve got a bnm meeting this afternoon. Not the whole crew but key players for a special section in June. The meeting will focus on that, not the entire edition. A holiday is a good time to have a meeting because sales people have no clients to see that day anyway. Others can rely on their spouses to watch the kids. And then there are those of us who never know what day is a holiday and what day isn’t anyway, because we generally work right through them.

Up semi-early this morning to get prepped. Am writing big story, and will throw some pages on the table today for feedback. It’s going to be interesting. This one is a real challenge to write. This next issue is going to be something else! Kind of exciting.

Tomorrow I’m interviewing someone for another story. An interesting young woman who’s got some important stuff coming up. Then some friends and I are going wandering, see where we end up, what we find to do. That’s always fun. And then I’m going to Barnettville for Easter. Two kids have already promised to share some chocolate, perhaps I can twist a few more arms to get some more. Such a chocolate craving going on this week! So unlike me. Mom is going to have a big supper too, I think. She was leaning toward pork roast last we spoke. That would be lovely.

I got my train ticket to Sackville for Thursday. Arrive shortly after lunch. April can be a pain with both the WFNB event and Frye Festival. It’s certainly exhausting and a huge drain on a pocketbook that seldom has much to spare. I so wish they would change the festival part of it, the workshops, the readings. Move it to summer or fall. Have the business meeting only in spring. A one day affair, instead of a weekend. I lobbied for that, but it was too big of a change. Too “out there.” I understand. Kind of πŸ™‚ No, really, I do understand that not everyone is as eager to embrace change as I am. I’m a change junkie. Change is good!

But despite the money/timing issues for me personally in having the WFNB weekend in April, I know once I get there I’ll have the best time. That’s a given. I always do. My creativity will be fed. I’ll meet some new and fascinating people. I’ll laugh until my face hurts. Enjoy great food and drinks, stay up too late, get up too early, fall into my bed when I return home and not kick for a good 12 hours. Have memories that I’ll cherish. I’ve been to a lot of these events now, all over the province, and that’s just the way it is. Every time. You can count on it. So, I’m excited! Party in the Coach House! Woo-hoo! πŸ™‚

Mood: awake
Drinking: coffee, cream
Listening To: fridge drone
Hair: development soon . . .

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  1. Blogger emails me comments when they come in. They don’t email the post that is being commented on. So basically I just got a cooing email from you . . . I thought you were impersonating a dove πŸ˜€


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