Did I Just Hear a Dog Bark?

And because my meeting got cancelled and I refuse to clean up . . . a meme for the k!

Your Name: kellie
Famous Artist/Band/Musician: killers
A song: kilroy was here (oops! that’s an album) king of pain
4 letter word: kept
Color: khaki
Gifts/present: keyboard
Vehicle: k-car
Animal: kangaroo
TV Show: king of kensington
Location: kansas
Boy Name: kenneth
Girl Name: kendra
Drink: kool-aid
Occupation: killer
Sport: kick boxing
Flower: king’s cups
Celebrity: kevin smith
Food: kidney beans
Something found in a kitchen: knife
Reason for Being Late: kindled romance
Cartoon Character: koopa kid
Something You Shout: kill the bastards!
Store: k-mart

Mood: kilted
Drinking: k
Listening To: kids
Hair: killer

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