Great day upriver yesterday in Boiestown, Taxis River, Ludlow, Doaktown, Storeytown, etc. Burned out by the time I got home. And still today. I needed more sleep. Phone woke me up before I was ready. Jolted out of dead sleep all disoriented thinking it was an alarm, that I’d overslept, that I was late, that I had to be ready to go on another road trip. Massive amounts of email cluttering my inbox. Another road trip day tomorrow. Tabu here we come! Meeting prep to be done for Friday. Interviewing on Saturday. Easter Sunday in Barnettville perhaps. Crazy busy week next week too. I get tired just looking at my calendar.

Yesterday I did something to my back. Injured myself. Twisted the wrong way or something. I need a good chiropractic cracking, but who the frig has time or money or energy for that. It’s looking like I’ll be taking Frye Festival in or on or . . . something, after all.

Starving, must find eats before I can continue. And that’s time!

Mood: how does a scurrying mouse feel?
Drinking: coffee (yay! $2.99 at mccloskey’s)
Listening To: email pinging into place
Hair: in my eyes, uncombed, sticking every which way

Categories: BnM, rambling, trips

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