Slept late today. I was awake at 7, actually quite alert, contemplating getting up, then I drifted and thoughts turned to dreams. After 10 before my feet hit the floor. Of course nobody could blame me for catching up on some sleep.

Bussed home from Fredericton yesterday morning (saw about 31 deer, one eagle, enroute) 15 minute walk from the station to apartment put me home at 2pm. T called soon after. He had actually been to the station to meet me, but I wasn’t expecting anyone and arrived early, so we missed one another. Just called to let me know S would pick me up within the hour to go for final BnM proofing session arising from S’s all-day marathon session on Saturday whereby I also contributed editing changes via Skype from Freddy beach all afternoon/into late evening.

I called Mom to tell her I thought I’d come to Barny in the evening to sleep-over with the Nick-meister and watch the Junos. Picked up by 3pm and into the office where the three of us worked until nearly midnight. Needless to say I did not make the sleep-over trip after all.

Exhausting, but good. The issue looks fantastic! We’re all happy with it. T and I had an opportunity to sit down and strategize for several hours . . . we’re looking at 9 days on the road this month! So April is going to be pretty crazy, insanely busy. Likely to begin tomorrow, though I’ve no confirmation on that one. Definitely heading to Tabu on Thursday.

I was worried the ice would’ve broken up while I was gone, but it’s still here. Holes showing black water in places just upriver by Vautor’s. Crossing the bridge over the Nor’West I saw what looked to be maybe a moose on the ice upriver toward Cassillis. The ice is very thin there, a lot of tributaries are running now (I noticed the Barthomelow in Blackville) so I wondered if it was a moose and if he was in peril and I thought about the moose that sailed downriver on a chunk of ice one spring. There is almost no snow left on the lawn out back, but lots around here still compared with Fredericton, Nashwaak, and even Boiestown and Doaktown.

And now, I am Frank, and Frank must go.

Mood: tired, but optimistic
Drinking: nothing (still living in a world without coffee)
Listening To: makin’ sunshine, the trews
Hair: having a make-over next week

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