Month: April 2007

Good Morning Miramichi

I stayed in bed until 10:30 today. Why? Because I felt like it. It used to be my normal time to rise every day, before the move, before I suddenly got turned onto mornings. (How did that happen anyway? Who would’ve ever thunk it?) And now it’s late, […]

High School Confidential

Rough trade. Carol Pope. She remade that song for Queer as Folk, for the gay man perspective. No matter. Thinking about my high school today. I believe we’ve got a reunion in the mist. What is it about the high school reunion? Just makes you feel like an […]


I’m a real slow mover today. Both legs still semi-swollen. After 12 hours standing on concrete and the 20+ minute walk home my legs had swollen so much I was worried I wouldn’t get my pants off without cutting them. I laid with my feet elevated for a […]

Just Breathe

She says it best: 2 AM and I’m still awake, writing a songIf I get it all down on paper, it’s no longer inside of me,Threatening the life it belongs toAnd I feel like I’m naked in front of the crowdCause these words are my diary, screaming out […]

The Condition Worsens

So I took everything I have, sinus, pain and otherwise . . . nada! I just want to rip my head off. That might do it. Is this hay fever? Spring allergies? What the frig! It’s definitely sinus, though I’ve no stuffyness, no nasal drip. I’ve just got […]


I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwellI know, right now you can’t tellBut stay awhile and maybe then you’ll seeA different side of meI’m not crazy, I’m just a little impairedI know, right now you don’t careBut soon enough you’re gonna think of meAnd how I used […]


I bought a box of girl guide cookies to support my niece in Brownies. The original kind, not the mint ones. I always liked the original ones best, especially the vanilla flavour, but alas like everything else in the world, Girl Guide cookies have changed 😦 They’re not […]

Aching Muscles

Two for two on the daily walk thing for this week. Last night was easier than the first. Climbed the steeper, longer hill last night. Will switch it up again next time to incorporate the two steeper, longer hills. Aye! My calf muscles! This is a good kind […]

Best in Show

What a day! It’s 25 degrees at 7:30 pm! Awesome. I love it. Had a fantastic morning meeting, that went way into lunch. Then a pretty good lunch. Got a movie I needed for work, that I’ll watch tonight. Cleaned half my bathroom. And then this evening I […]

Monday Morning

Sluggish this a.m. Didn’t rise til 7:30, then mad dash to distribute meeting notes from Friday for the sales Monday morning meeting (just in case) and to get ready to depart for my own meeting on Juvenile Diabetes. Some people have already sponsored me in the walk! Yay! […]