New Day

Celebrity guest stars abound in last night’s dreams. I had won a contest like Project Greenlight or else I had just written a script that got picked up by a bunch of fellows and we were making a movie. It’s unusual for the writer to be onset all the time, to be so involved perhaps, but there I was–sitting at the end of an exhausting day of shooting on a long couch with Kevin Smith at one end, me at the other, and Ben Affleck stretched out between us. Oh, I can’t even remember the conversation! How much fun is that?!

We were going over scenes. They were doing most of the talking. I was really, really tired, and overwhelmed, and completely aware that I was sitting on a couch with Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck. The couch was outside, under a canopy. It was night time, dark except for lights the crew had up. Location shoot. We had been going all day and were just on a break before we started some night shots. It was kind of funny because the location was on the Barnettville Road, right where the tracks used to run, before they straightened the road. The couch and the canopy were in the middle of the road right where the tracks had once crossed. The boys were smoking cigars, and I was starting to drift off to sleep listening to their voices. It was a little chilly, like early autumn. Crew running around everywhere. Orders being shouted.

And then I’m being scooted over so Matt Damon can join us and he’s asking questions, how I found the first day, is it everything I thought it would be, am I cold, do I want his coat. And I’m sitting there scrunched in between Ben and Matt and answering questions and Kevin’s cracking jokes and Ben’s making fun and it’s just a wonderful dream. Light and easy and fun. Good stuff! But details are fuzzy. I do remember Ben tormenting Matt making him do all his characters, chanting, “be Jason Bourne, Be Jason Bourne.” And I was thinking yeah, like what’s he gonna do? And then finally he was like okay, okay, and he stood up with his back turned to us and then slowly turned around and damn! He was Jason Bourne! Posture, expression, eyes, it was very cool. A good dream on a windy night.

The wind has picked up. A constant howling around my windows. In the bedroom the windows are actually rattling, like they could implode and shatter at any moment. I wanted to go out today, to the bank, to buy coffee, but I don’t know, it might be too cold in the wind. I do have a propensity to freeze my ears, in any kind of wind, even in a summer breeze. I know it sounds crazy. But it’s from having frozen my ears so many times when I was a kid, now they’re vulnerable. So maybe I’ll stay in today and go tomorrow. Check the weather and decide. I do need to go out more, I’m missing my walks, the run-around. I’m sure I’ve gained 10 pounds just from the lack of them.

More good news! GST comes next week! I feel like Mary Tyler Moore. I’m gonna make it afterall.

Mood: much improved
Drinking: russian tea
Listening To: howling wind
Hair: pulled back

4 thoughts on “New Day

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  1. Thanks. Now if I could only get rid of my migraine, today would be a good day! It’s already a pretty good day. I put the last bnm story to bed this morning. Now, I can breathe. A little. 🙂


  2. Dude! Did you not see the part about the wind? My hat would be gone to China and there I’d be . . . hatless! And with my ears frozen.


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