Black Eyes

More dreams. Not getting really good rest. My mattress is bothering me. Maybe I need a boxspring. It’s hard to know what’s going on. Impromptu visit last nite. Good to sit around and drink tea and just chat. Good to get your mind off the world and life for awhile. Just laugh for a bit and recharge. Kids coming today. Lunch time ETA. We’ll have a good time. I will take energy from their giggles and keep it with me to last the whole week. Soon I’ll hit into that very cool springtime high I always get, when all I will see is possibility. Can’t wait! It’s gonna happen. Soon.

The ice grows thinner every day. The black water surfacing. I study the different shadings and as ice melts and water pools in pockets on the surface. It’s like a desert mirage. The birds playing, fighting, flying around one another, swooping into one another. The eagle is boss. When he comes, all the others scatter, flee in flocks. I see things here, outside my window. The huge bird (was it the eagle? the sun is too bright to tell) cruising past my window in strong strokes, the squirrel clutched in his beak squirming and try to loose itself. Just now I saw this. I could sit and stare out the window all day long. Maybe I should.

Mood: unusual
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: national health, the kinks
Hair: maybe i need a new touchstone

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