Only Us

Wil says you can’t give up hope even if it’s hopeless. Sound advice. Lisa’s talking about balance and how the key is to be able to keep it together when life throws its curveballs. Just last night I was wondering what the hell happened, what is going on my friends? It’s like my life cycles. I’m up, I’m great, I feel fantastic. I’m down, I’m terrible, I feel like crap. The trick is definitely to be able to maintain during the lows and not let it all fall apart. I am not there yet. I do well, very well, sometimes months at a time, then I lose it. For the first two weeks after the move I was riding high, living the life I wanted . . . and then it fell apart. Stress. It’s a killer. Literally. I’m not getting any younger, I need to do something, NOW! Right now. I need to come up with a plan, I need to take action. I have to stop sitting around and waiting for life to magically improve. I need to make it better. It’s all up to me.

Mood: pained
Drinking: coffee, nearing the bottom of the $3.79 kilo
Listening To: lonely dirges, paul michel
Hair: forgotten, abandoned, growing wild like weeds . . .

4 thoughts on “Only Us

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  1. When I’m in that low place I turn to pen and paper, write down everything I’m feeling, let it all out. Usually by the time I’m done I feel much better or else I acknowledge on the page that although I feel like crap now I understand and know that it is only a temporary phase. This has worked for me. Keep remembering those months that you do very, very well. Eventually they will replace those crappy times for good. Just knowing where you don’t want to be will help you climb out.
    You’ll do it!!!


  2. I should be taking your advice too.I need to take hold of my life and change it to suit me.But it’s hard to do sometimes.


  3. Yep. It sure ain’t easy. But then they say nothing worth doing ever is, so there we go. Hellish on the days when you think you can’t though. Of course any type of growth is uncomfortable, I guess.


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