Second Wind

Exhausted only moments ago. I laid down for 15 minutes. Just laid, eyes open, stretched out flat. Then I got up and ate leftovers from yesterday’s not so great pork supper. Drank a bunch of diet Big 8 cola. And then spent a few minutes on the phone remembering my childhood. The camp. Well, well, well, three holes in the ground. Frig, I love wieners! Man oh man, would you look at that cloud? I remember my cousin doing Bob & Doug McKenzie round the campfire at night. Oh no, the magic bunny! Simpler then. Being a kid is good sometimes.

I think my two nieces will come have a sleepover this weekend. First one on my own in the new place. It’ll be fine. We’ll have a good time. I need to make more effort with the kids. Before they slip away and grow up on me. Opportunity. I need to seize them all. I want to be able to have sleepovers with the other kids too. I need to practice counting carbs and giving needles. I seem like I see them less since I moved than I did when I lived away. That’s kind of weird. I haven’t been going upriver much. Only once since the move really. Only Oscar weekend. When are the Junos? This weekend? Next? I should go.

Talks of a murder mystery night in the air, perhaps I’ll go then. I’ll be the gypsy and predict the killer.

Mood: whipped
Drinking: tar
Listening To: running to the rain, peter gabriel
Hair: off my face at least

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