(You Want To) Make a Memory

Hello again
it’s you and me
kinda always like it used to be
sipping wine
killing time
trying to solve life’s mysteries . . .

Hmm, I think he sees me in his dreams too! Listen here. Brand new, just released to radio today. Album drops in June. Will there be another tour? And even more importantly will I go? That is the question.

Snow today. When will winter wither away? (Yes, I am a fan of alliteration.) I’m ready for some spring and summer dammit! Though I do confess I’m already wondering about lightning in this new setting . . . and waterspouts . . . and all that great stuff that drives me crazy. I’m only semi-wondering though, nowhere near obsessive, like I can get in a bad season.

Today is Tuesday and I am cooking a roast of pork. I have no baby carrots, no vegetables really to speak of, except for some frozen of the stir-fry variety. But there are a few potatoes sprouting many eyes in the cupboard that I could whip up to go with the meat. It’ll be okay. The grocery situation is still the pits here. I got some pizzas on sale on Friday, some nachos and salsa. I’ve been craving these things. It’s terrible to have cravings and zero dollars to buy anything. It’s like being back in university living here. It’s like being 20 again. Except back then I just ignored everything financial and now it seems like all I do now is worry about money. I hate being this way. Not that ignoring is the way to go either. But other than quitting my job and going to something else, like a crazy call centre, I don’t have a clue what to do to fix it though. And I like my job, you know. I love the people I work with. Do I want to give that up just so I can buy groceries? Absolutely not. Fasting is good for the soul! Just kidding, I’m not without food or anything. I’m just tired of rice and beans and not being able to buy what I want. It was bound to happen.

I’m longing for a day when I have a hundred dollars to go to the store and buy . . . cheese! And olives! And hummus and salad and chicken wings that I can slather in Frank’s Hot Sauce (I need to buy Frank’s Hot Sauce) and pita and tea and coffee beans and dark chocolate and . . . you know, whatever the hell I feel like. I’m living like my parents now. One loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter to the next. Canned goods. Kraft Dinner can’t be that far off.

Oh, it’ll be okay. I’m surely exaggerating and just wallowing a bit due to grey weather and pms. I get crazy about money every year at this time, because April is always such an expensive month is all . . . and usually I have income tax to help with it, but this year I don’t and I don’t know how I’m going to make it, how I’m going to meet all my commitments to people without going nuts. But before April is the rent. I have $2.38 in my bank account. I need to find $600 for April Fool’s. I have to find $60 to go to Fredericton on the bus the Friday of April fools. I can get that money back, but I need to get it upfront first. I need money for a train ticket to Sackville for AGM. I need money to renew my WFNB membership and register for AGM and pay for hotel. This is one of those years when I just wouldn’t have gone, wouldn’t have renewed, would have let it all slide, but this year that’s not an option. I need to find a rock like my mother has in the backyard. Once the snow goes, I’ll look. Perhaps I can find a man with lots of money and we can exchange favours. I’m not opposed. Perhaps I’ll just wish for money and it’ll appear. Perhaps I’ll stop thinking about it altogether and go do something productive with the rest of my afternoon.

Now, that’s the only sensible thought I’ve had all day.

Mood: pretty good
Drinking: coffee with cream
Listening To: jon bon & my phone ringing (wrong number!)
Hair: stringy

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