Figuring It All the Way Out

So I’ve been kinda half wondering what the frig is wrong with me these past couple days, since Saturday anyway. Why am I so tired? Why am I spending more and more time in bed and less time doing the things I need to be doing? And this morning as I tried for a good 10 minutes to comfortably get myself from my bed on the floor to a standing position, it dawned on me — arthritis flare! Yes! Now we’re talking. Of course, this makes tremendous sense. Temperatures have gone above freezing. Seasons are starting to shift. The air fluctuating. I realized on Saturday that I was super sore, really stiff, especially in through my legs and back, but I had taken a pretty bad tumble on Friday afternoon, slipped on the ice, fell on my knee and whacked it so bad I nearly passed out from the pain of it. I have a high threshold for pain. If I’m passing out, you know it’s severe. So Saturday I just thought I was having residual effects. But yesterday as I noticed my Grammie Coughlan-like swelled ankles, and struggled to get my fingers to use the can-opener, the truth started to come clear. This morning, sealed the deal.

First spring flare. Nothing more. Nothing less. Bad timing for sure. And me with zero ibuprofen. But it is what it is. Just need to pay better attention today, listen to my joints, baby them a bit. Give them breaks and a bit of a variety.

This too will pass.

Mood: ok
Drinking: coffee, cheap & black (someday i will be able to grind my own beans again. someday.)
Listening To: people getting off to work in the building
Hair: too long for comfort, not long enough to tie up and forget about

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  1. yeah! i’m on serious sleep mode as well, theres a possible cure up coming for arthritis sufferers, ancient Chinese, but now making it’s way here, it’s base is grounded deer antlers, as they are pure cartellage, it is to be put in pill form, and inexpensive? maybe…you should look it up on the net…my sister suffers terribly with her arthritis..


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