Wasted Days & Wasted Nites AKA I Don’t Like Mondays

What a freaking crazy day! 12 hours later and I’m sitting here wondering what the eff happened? I certainly don’t feel like I got much of anything accomplished. Is this daylight savings screwing with my productivity? And I thought it was supposed to work wit me, not agin me. Yup, Hank Hill says.

It is almost 8pm and not dark. I’m watching dusk descend through my window. It’s warm enough that I don’t need to close the curtains and blinds as soon as the sun got around the side of the building. Indigo sky. Perfection.

I think I should apply for a grant. I’m feeling a grant. Everyone else is getting stuff. If only I dared to try for things. Imagine the possibilities.

Going to Fredericton this weekend. Nothing says St. Patty’s Day like a Freddy road trip . . . hopefully, sans criminal this year. Tho everytime I get on the train there it is with a tattooed shifty eyed guy off the correctional van and heading to halifax, so who knows. I think I’ll be going the wrong way for such things.

Mood: weird
Drinking: ???
Listening To: god save the queen, sex pistols
Hair: i don’t even know anymore

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