Everybody Gets a Star

Gorgeous sunshine, but damn chilly outside. Kids sleigh ride cancelled due to it being 40 below. There is a wind chill warning in effect. Still my pumpkin and the missus are dropping by later for a picnic lunch in my living room (picnic as in packed and brought from their home, cuz i have no food for them). Then they are going to a Toonie matinee showing of Happy Feet at the theatre. I should go with them. Even though I don’t have time. I should make time. I don’t know if I can handle a March Break theatre full of kids though. I’ve been getting a lot of headaches this week. The knock-off tylenol I have does not help in the least. I need some ibuprofen.

Last night I watched some of the second season of Project Greenlight on dvd, The Battle of Shaker Heights. I enjoy the Project Greenlight show. It’s too bad they stopped. It’s interesting to see how they make movies, how it takes so many people working together. And these are small sets! They only have a million dollars to make the whole movie. It’s crazy to think about the big productions and what it must take to get them made. It’s inspiring too. I get inspired when I watch these types of things. Being a screenwriter is a shit job though. I can see that easily enough. The only way is to write & direct your own stuff. Like Cameron Crowe. Like Kevin Smith. He must make a living. I’ve been listening to his smodcast on itunes. Love him!

Last night I spent a good 3 hours putting together my piece on last week’s murder mystery evening, but then I accidentally deleted it from my computer. Yeah, this crap happens sometimes. So now I’ve got to do it all over again.

Mood: great
Drinking: rooibos tea
Listening To: don’t wanna, db clifford
Hair: stringy

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