Bright Sunshiny Life

I am obsessed with an idea. Couldn’t sleep last night without dreams about it. Am writing a story. Not here, but elsewhere. It’s very draft, very first person, very . . . I don’t know, off the cuff. Fingers to keyboard and let fly. This is a different way to create for me. Normally I edit, rewrite, and edit some more in the process. So my first drafts are always more like third drafts. Nothing hits the page until the words are perfect in my head. So this letting go, this freedom to let fly without any thought, is new and scary and kinda hard to do. Maybe I’ll finally write that Harlequin Romance and make a million. Maybe that’s how people make money writing. And Lord knows I need to make some freaking money.

Last night I watched “A Love Song for Bobby Long” for the second or maybe third time. It’s another one that grows on me. I’m not a huge fan of John Travolta. I can take him or leave him and I mostly leave him. But I love, love, love, Scarlett Johanson. I was surprised when I got weepy during the movie though. I intended to just put it in and fall asleep during. I thought it was that kind of movie. But instead I got sucked in and ended up weepy. It’s a good movie. Enjoyable. Interesting. I’m hoping my Zip movies will come today. There are four new titles enroute. I’ve only got a couple of weeks left in my membership before I have to let it go. I won’t get to see all the Oscar-nominated films before then. Oh well, maybe I can join again later. Right now, it’s impossible.

Today I need to go to the bank, which is good, the walk will absolutely do me a world of good. I also need to do some laundry, some dishes, and a lot of writing. So, I’m off.

Mood: creatively weird
Drinking: coffee, black (we’re all out of white stuff)
Listening To: very loud refrigerator droning (it may be on the brink of extinction)
Hair: i don’t want to think about my hair

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