Mother Goose

I have a Salvador Dali calendar in the dining room/office, which I just flipped to March this morning. I never understand what it all means, but yet I am drawn almost to the point of distraction. I probably should read up on the paintings. Someday.

Last night I went to a murder mystery evening with the Purple Hat Ladies. Loads of fun! Really good time. Interesting. Met some new people. I’ll write more about it later. Only $12.50 for a cab to Chatham from here. I expected $15, so that’s pretty good. Do-able at least some times. Anything that I would be going to Chatham for would be work/writer related, so all those cab rides are claimable expenses. This year I receipt EVERYTHING! I know I may have said that last year, but it wasn’t as dire as this year. This is the year when I have to get on top of those things, get used to keeping better track.

Still no sign of snow here. Sun was out awhile ago, warming my front rooms. When I open the curtains in the morning, if the sun is already up, it’s like turning on a furnace. Crazy! And blinding too.

In the drafts section of my blog I’m working on some fiction. I’m not sure what it’s all about, how it’s winding up, but I should be able to post it in another few days. The first half went quick, but I’m a little stuck on it now. I’m probably 3/4 finished though, so something will click soon. Today I have a writer friend coming over for brunch and conversation. Looking forward to that! But mustn’t sit here all day blogging, as I’ve got a brunch to prepare!

Mood: anticipating
Drinking: coffee, the beyond super-cheap $3.99 for a kilo zellers kind (thanks mom!)
Listening To: clackity clack, don’t talk back
Hair: do i see a hair make-over in my future?

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