I am a big ole sleepyhead today. Grey day. Out late last night. Not up very early this morning. Aching bones.

Last night we went and saw Norbit at the theatre, the movie that cost Eddie Murphy the Oscar. Not a shining moment even on the Eddie Murphy comedic scale of things. Same concept as The Nutty Professor with Murphy playing multiple roles but not done nearly as well. Martin Lawrence’s Big Momma’s House is more fun. Still, it was a free night out. Movie tickets expire tomorrow. Not sure whether we’ll be going out to see something tonight or not. Ironically, Hog Wild, with William H. Macey that I REALLY want to see, opens here on Friday.

Today I spent a couple of hours with the cover subject of the next bnm. He dropped by and we had a lovely long chat. Lots of material for a story! LOTS! Should be a good one too. Tomorrow night I am invited to a murder mystery night with the Purple Hat Ladies Tea Society. I’ve no idea what it’s all about, but it’s bound to be interesting, that is for sure.

I made soy burgers for lunch today. Yummy! And I really mean that. I have gone back to the meat, but I have to say beef is not coming back easy. I’m a bit grossed out by real hamburger still. No urge to eat steak or roast etc. I truly prefer the veggie patties for burgers, though my mom thinks they’re like eating cardboard. Really, they’re not. Some of them are quite good.

I went into my files and found Katt’s Lives, third person, before I started expanding the sections into first person. I’ve written two parts, Gun Play and Cuttings, and I’m going to start tossing out some more. There are 11 parts in the original. Ten near misses and a new lease on life. Perhaps she should only have 9 lives after all. I’m uncertain. I have two copies, one with someone else’s notes (Judy? Elizabeth? Susan?) and one with my notes taken from the feedback in a workshop session in the basement of the Mount A library that one time that we gathered after my move. We’re supposed to start workshopping again real soon. For real. I think I need that kind of intensity. A weekly thing to propel me forward. Maybe? Hell, it can’t hurt. I feel like I haven’t written anything new in years, which is of course completely untrue. I write here all the time. Some of it is good. Both of Katt’s stories unfolded in the loft in Sackville. I’ve been writing. I haven’t been pursuing publishing opportunities though. I haven’t been editing my own stuff or rewriting. I haven’t been seeking sources of funding for creative writing projects. I haven’t been maintaining a creative mindspace. But acknowledging my short-comings must surely be part of the battle to overcoming the obstacles.

Mood: dozy
Drinking: nothing, tho a spot of water would be grand
Listening To: rumble of tv from next door
Hair: pushed back in a bandanna

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