Where The Watermelon Grow

How much was your hydro bill for last month? A couple of people yesterday told me HUGE and totally SCARY figures. I travelled around the house all day turning the heaters down and unplugging things. It’s a bit frigid here this morning . . . but not unbearable. Hundreds of dollars for a hydro bill would be way more unbearable. Dear Spring, please spring forward soon. Thank you, Hardly Any Hydro Cash. So I’m sitting here, sipping my hot coffee, cradling the cup for warmth, and shivering. But that’s okay! Soon I will have curtains to help keep the cold out and all will be well. It’s only -15 anyway, not that chilly. The sky seems clear in darkness, there is a star out up there. So the sun may rise and provide some warmth in a couple of hours. It is supposed to be sunny with cloudy periods.

Yesterday I ventured forth on foot for the first time since the move. (Time flies when you’re freezing!) I walked out to the Scotiabank and switched all my accounts, shopping at the Pharmasave for some pain meds, then home again. A flying trip, as my mother would say. Pretty much took a solid hour–20 minutes out, 20 minutes back, 10 minutes in. But I think it can be done much more quickly once I get used to the treacherous sidewalks (is the concept of walking so foreign?) and if I’m not stuck behind hyper Rottweiler. I didn’t want to get too close to the dog and its owner, because although he may just have been friendly and glad to be out and about . . . he was attacking the cars in the street as they went past. And the walker didn’t seem to have too much control over that situation, so why take chances? The breed is my least favourite, since my days in radio when the station manager would bring his “trained to kill” lethal weapon to the station late at night when I worked alone. I’d turn around in the booth and the dog would just be there. “It’s okay, relax, don’t make any sudden moves,” the manager would smirk. Torture. Some kind of workplace harassment. Crazy way to get his kicks. Anyway, other than the dog in the street, yesterday’s walk was great! Exhilarating! And I can see that I am not at all far from French Ford Cove, when I go out and look down the King George Highway. It’s a totally doable trek.

Today, I’m going down the Bay. I’ve no idea where exactly or who I’ll meet. But I should come away with some good stuff from the excursion. A good basis for a story. It’ll be nothing if not interesting.

Up at 5am this morning. Set an alarm for 6, just in case, but no need. Another two mornings and I’ll have a solid two weeks of early risings under my belt. This is exciting! And not even the slightest bit difficult. This is what freaks me out. All of a sudden I’m not tired anymore. I go to bed in the evening whenever I don’t want to be on the computer anymore or when the dvd is over and most times I’m not even sleepy. But I go anyway, because it’s either go or find something else to do and I usually don’t want to find anything else to do that might wake me up further, so I go. And I lie there and think for awhile and then just close my eyes and go to sleep. Maybe this is how it works for the rest of the world. I don’t know. But this is the most unusual thing ever for me. This whole ease of sleeping thing. This whole awake thing. Slipping into dreamland without a fight, without any anxiety . . . I never knew this existed. And yes, I’m still dreaming a kazillion dreams every night. And now I’m waking up even more frequently throughout the night and checking the clock. But yet, I’m the most rested I’ve ever been, the least stressed over sleep (and sleep has always kinda caused me some stress). Bizarre. Am I becoming normal? Whatever this is, I love it! I mean seriously love it! No relapses allowed.

And that’s all folks. I’m outta time. Much to do before departing for the bay.

Mood: over the moon
Drinking: the last of the coffee with the last of the cream
Listening To: a drip in the kitchen sink
Hair: still super straight

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