Gonna Be A Bright Sunshiny Day

Late getting around to blogging this morning. Slept a bit later. No 4:30 wake-up! Slept straight through until 6, but didn’t rise until 7am. The bedroom was warmer last night, I think that’s why I slept so soundly. Plus I’m not feeling a hundred per cent, so I may sleep more the next couple of days.

So yesterday was a little screwy, in that things did not go exactly as planned. But all around it was a great day anyway. My breakfast meeting got cancelled (for an excellent reason and will definitely be rescheduled). My brother-in-law ended up with two job interviews instead of one and both went very well. The cover story guy called me back and agreed to do the story, we’re meeting next week. I didn’t get out to the bank before it’s 3pm closing to take care of that business. Today is the day! I’m clear sailing until this afternoon when I now have to participate in the Bowl for Kids because my sister/co-worker cannot. My Baie excursion has been postponed until tomorrow.

Mom got me living room curtains, a mat, and a boot tray. She also sent some lead-in for the tv. Last night I got to watch a very snowy looping Coronation Street. Well, I could hear it anyway . . . most of the time. Adding rabbit ears to the ever growing list tacked to my refrigerator of things I will get when my ship comes in. I am right by the water, I expect if there’s a ship to be found, I’ll see it coming. Mom’s going to come down on Saturday or Sunday and we’ll go buy curtain rods, hang curtains, hang the swag lamp, etc. Then I’ll go to Barnettville with her and visit my poochie, attend the annual Keenan Oscar bash, etc. Of course, Nick doesn’t even miss me. He is content to grow old with Grammie.

Anxiety in my belly. I’m squashing it. Trying to squash it. It’s not real. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the sunshine and the beauty of the day. That’s all that’s real.

Mood: trying
Drinking: coffee, cream
Listening To: coffee pot gurgle, footsteps overhead
Hair: very straight for some odd reason

2 thoughts on “Gonna Be A Bright Sunshiny Day

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  1. We have a set of rabbit ears bought about a year ago when we moved home. Just sitting in the basement gathering dust these days. You’re welcome to them.


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