Star Light, Star Bright

Arthritis kicking in. Left wrist, fingers. A bit excruciating actually. I might have to take something for it. It’s been awhile since I’ve had it so focused and acute. I wonder if it’s not arthritis at all, but rather I bumped my hand or something.

What a day! BnM Meeting, movies, and visit with my kids. Saw Arthur and the Invisibles at the theatre. Pretty much the last of the free tickets before they expire end of the month.

Watched Mambo Italiano and had supper and it’s not yet 8pm. I should have invited kids to stay for supper. Never thought of it. Never think of food unless I’m hungry. And I’d just had popcorn and kisses. I need to work on my social skills now that I actually have guests from time to time.

Too early to go to bed, as I’m not that tired. Yet not wanting to really get into any work or housework that would wake me up more. It’s odd, this lifestyle of the past week. Days are really long. It takes little time to do things that used to take ages. I don’t know what’s going on. Progress seems easier here or something. I remember I used to go downstairs to do dishes and be gone for hours. The littlest amount would seem to take forever. Did I daydream? Did I lose time in thought? I washed everything when I arrived. All of it. Not in one sitting, but in a few pretty big loads. And I’d do all these dishes and find I’d only spent 20 minutes on the whole thing. It’s strange.

The day was so long today that I thought it was the whole weekend, came over to my desk to prepare my calendar for Monday morning, but tomorrow is Sunday. If I can find quarters I’ll do laundry. I could do laundry now. I doubt many people here do on a Saturday night. A lot of them seem to have washers and dryers in their places. I hear them spinning in the evenings. You can do laundry in the shared washer until 11pm. Even that seems a little late.

Last night one of my neighbors (next door I think) had guests and played music and I thought maybe were working up for a party, but it never happened. Petered out before I went to bed even, they must’ve just had a couple of drinks in before going out or something. Lying in bed last night I could almost make out a conversation happening on the catwalk above my window where people go to smoke. A guy, a girl. Every second word he said started with F. She was too quiet to make-out anything, just murmurs. All you could hear was his Fs. Grumble, F, Grumble, F, murmur, F, F, Grumble, Grumble, F, F, F, Grumble, F, murmur . . . bizarre. They went in after their smoke though and I heard no more. I’m not real sure how thick the walls are here. I think we’re all pretty quiet. I never hear anyone from the other half of the building, the other shared wall. It’s odd.

I’ve observed that the ambulance is called out a lot in the evening. Last night something went on somewhere, at least 2 sets of cops and ambulance crossed the Morrissey within five minutes of one another. Never heard what it was all about. I’m here, but I’m not really in the thick of it. I do not yet have my finger on the pulse of the community. But I want to. I wish it were warmer. It’s been so cold for walking around town. But this week, I must. Cold or not. This week I need to walk places, do things. Now that I’m almost all unpacked (something else to do tomorrow) and settled in.

And that’s enough rambling and talking to myself for one evening. I think I’ll watch another movie.

Mood: fantastic
Drinking: rooibos
Listening To: again, nothing but the hum of my computer . . . i’m getting a little concerned
Hair: pushed back off my face

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