Storm Surge

“A man can do only what he can do. But if he does that each day he can sleep at night and do it again the next day.” – Albert Schweitzer

Amen to that!

My new morning trend continues. Up at 6 today. Slept in til 7 yesterday. I love watching daylight descend. I’ve always wanted to be a morning person, but I’ve loved the night too much to make it work. That’s not a problem now, as it’s dark early in the evening, light later in the morning. But by the time the days are longer maybe I will have developed an unbreakable habit. One can hope. I suspect this summer I will need to concentrate getting more of my work done in the early morning and later evening. I may be surprised but methinks afternoons here will be sweltering affairs where I’ll be better off vacating and going to hang out in air conditioned buildings (the library? restaurants? bars? shopping?) or the hopefully breezy wharf.

Last night it was nearly midnight before I got to sleep. What I can’t get over is how rested I feel though. I’m waking every couple of hours throughout the night. Anyone of which I feel wide awake and well rested like I could get up and begin the day. But anything before 5am is a bit excessive. Even for me, who thrives on excess.

There’ll be no sunrise this morning. Though daylight is gradually creeping in and the worst of the snow seems to have ended. Last night I couldn’t see the lights of Chatham Head across the river. Still, there’s this warning from Environment Canada for Miramichi:

A storm surge associated with higher than normal waters levels will occur during the high tide this afternoon. This could lead to rafting of sea ice.

I’m sure they’re talking about further out the bay. I’m sure there’ll be nothing to see here. I doubt the ice will heave and break up this far up. Right? Up home this has never been an issue. I know nothing of these things. But I’m living by a bigger part of the Mighty river now, so who knows what all goes on here. I wonder if I’ll see cargo ships in summer, loading and unloading at the docks. I suppose I will. It was only a few years ago we ran into those Egyptian sailors at the Super Valu and helped them find suitable margarine. So ships must still come up this far. There will be tall ships for sure, I think. Or maybe everything docks in Chatham now, doesn’t come up this far. Guess I’ll find out.

And that’s enough lollygagging for this morning. Daylight’s coming fast. Lots of work to be done.

Mood: curious
Drinking: coffee, freshly ground, cream
Listening To: computer hum (i’m enjoying the quiet)
Hair: tousled

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