Marsh Morning

Hello Kellie!
Here’s your horoscope for FEBRUARY 09, 2007:

You’re radiant today, Kellie, and glowing with happiness! This is a refreshing change, after the gloom and doom of the past few weeks. Apparently, the decisions you made worked out for the best. Or, even better, perhaps you’re in love? In any case, it will be even easier than usual for you to communicate with others and share your joy. Let the good times roll!

Well, I’m not in love . . . unless it is with my new Miramichi apartment! Then yes, I am most definitely in love. This morning finds me back on the marsh though, hours away from my new beginning. The second from last morning that I will wake up in this terrible little place I used to call home (I mean the apartment, not the town.) Much to be done. MUCH! Have list. Will multi-task. Need to go out and about today. I hope it’s a bit warmer than it has been. The temperature is a few degrees warmer here just as a general rule, but the wind can be biting.

Didn’t really get much sleep last night. Have the yawns. No coffee on hand. Will have to get a cup when I go out. Later today I will telephone Aliant and see about transferring service to the new place. Could be MIA for most of next week. No worries. This has been but a bump in the road. I think I have even learned the lesson. Off I go! Ta!

Mood: focused
Drinking: rooibos tea
Listening To: computer hum
Hair: pulled back

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