Another day in the Mighty office. BnM still not in circulation. My part in the print edition is mostly over though. On to the web. Sackville landlord is being uptight about releasing me early from lease. Despite bees, bats, mice, and all that other crap. Ugh! It’s a little like the full moon nightmare that never ends. Still having trouble sleeping. The moon again. The dreams. The anxiety. But at least the crying jag is over. That was intense. Get it out of ya! So I did. I am crappy looking all the time now though. Bright eyed and bushy tailed is sooo 2006! Now it’s all about the dark circles, veiny eyes, limp greasy hair, blotchy flaking skin, cracked lips and all that stuff that comes with dehydration, depression, the Sumo Wrestler’s diet, stress, and all the rest.

Driving across the Frank McKenna Bridge this morning with the sunshine in my eyes I could see my apartment window in the building on the hill many km downriver . . . and I just gotta believe it’s going to all be okay. In a couple of weeks this will all be over and I’ll be okay.

Mood: couldn’t say
Drinking: tim hortons
Listening To: office talk
Hair: still in my eyes, tho i trimmed the bangs myself with blunt scissors

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  1. What do you me mean he’s uptight about letting you out of your lease early? I thought it was all settled, he was going to give you a glowing recommedation, etc… And just who does he think broke into your apartment huh?

    That’s f*&ked up! I say good riddance to that place!


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