I may as well become a nocturnal creature. Like the damned critters living in my walls. I wish I knew what it was for sure . . . without letting them into the house. Is it bats? Sometimes it sounds pretty batty. Is it mice? Or moles? Or squirrels? Or a FLYING SQUIRREL?! That would explain both the batty and rodent like behaviour patterns. Whatever. I feel like I could strangle them with my bare hands. I sleep with the tv on, trying to drown out their scratchings. I move from the bed to the futon when they seem as if they’re about to come through into my bedroom at any moment. I don’t get any rest. I just get crankier and crankier. I can’t even read. Blah! I’m tired.

Oscar nominations came out this morning. I didn’t see the announcement. And the nominees for Best motion picture of the year are: Babel, The Departed, Letters from Iwo Jima, Little Miss Sunshine, and The Queen. I have seen only The Departed and Little Miss Sunshine, both of which I loved, for different reasons. Babel plays here in March as one of the Thursday night Film Society movies. The Queen was here before Xmas, but I didn’t go. It’s playing in Miramichi now though, so maybe I’ll go this weekend. Yep, I’m going to the Miramichi this weekend. I had thought Thursday or Friday, now I’m thinking Friday . . . or Saturday. And that leaves Letters from Iwo Jima . . . not sure if it played anywhere. Maybe it will. One of my 101 Things is to see all the films nominated for Best Picture before the Academy Awards ceremony. Could this be the year for that? Stay tuned.

And that is all for . . . oh wait! Breaking news! This just in! A friend called me last night and invited me to go see a theatrical production. I shouldn’t go. I’m swamped. But I’m going. Sometimes you just have to go. So we’re going to see The Wizard of Oz. Should be fun.

EDIT at 12:25pm: By the way, George Stromboul . . . you know, the CBC guy with the really big name, said yesterday was Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. Did you survive? I think he was right. I nearly didn’t survive. What a frigging depressing day!! Thank God I had good ole George to explain why.

Mood: semi-discouraged
Drinking: tea, King Cole
Listening To: clackity clack
Hair: mums the word

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