Not a good day to begin a fast. Maybe I can do some prep to begin next week? Maybe. Yeah, that’s a solid plan. Too much on the go mental-wise at this time on so many levels to focus on such a task. It’s supposed to be a therapeutic, cleansing, even spiritual experience . . . I think I need more wits about me to reap the benefits.

Last night I missed Studio 60 so I could watch The Robber Bride on CBC. It’s one of the few Margaret Atwood books that I love. Nix that. It’s the ONLY Margaret Atwood book that I love, one of the few that I actually enjoy. The movie was a bit of a disappointment to say the least, as is usually the case with books you love being taken into film. Albeit it’s been a few years since I’ve given the novel a reading (but I’ve read it several times since I first picked it up). . . but I don’t recall the male perspective being the central focus. Why did they take a story about women and make it a man thing? The best thing about the whole movie was the casting. The casting was done well. What they did to the story, totally sucked. Did Atwood have any say in this thing at all? I think if I ever should have a work that people want to turn into movies I will be reluctant to sign away the rights and have no say. Surely you don’t have to be J.K. Rowling in order to have a say.

I need to read the novel again. Damn movie people!

So, I should’ve watched Studio 60 last night, because a) I like this show, b) the movie really pissed me off, and c) although the Studio 60 episode does air again tonight it runs opposite What About Brian . . . and I don’t miss What About Brian for anything. Sorry, Studio 60. I promise never to abandon you on Sunday night again for some cheesy made for tv movie.

This Monday night is shaping up to be a big tv night (and I need to focus elsewhere, NOT watch tv right now) with a new episode of 24 being on also. I like 24. I like it a lot. Yet, I’m not die hard loyal. If I’m working, I don’t fret about missing it. Last season I watched the first half dozen or so episodes and then fell out of it altogether. I foresee that happening again this year. It’s only a little weird. I’m only a little weird.

Mood: cranky
Drinking: water
Listening To: typing fingers
Hair: i cannot talk about my hair right now

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