Silly Dreams

I was dreaming something. Something bothersome. But then I got up and life sucked me in and the dream nagged a little, but couldn’t withstand hours of chats and phone calls and emails and other writings. It just wasn’t that strong. Oh well, it’s probably not important.

Woke up to dirty water. I hate that. The water is a problem here, with the town. You just never know when it’s going to dirty up and when it’ll be good. I hope it doesn’t last long.

So last night I went to dinner with friends. It was lovely! Salad, chili, cheesecake, wine, coffee . . . does it get any better than that? I don’t think so. And then we went to the movies and saw Volver with Penelope Cruz. I really enjoyed this film. It’s a keeper, one to buy the dvd. This movie is a lot of fun. There are many intentional laughs and then maybe some that are not so intentional but funny to a non-Spanish audience just because of the culture difference.

I think I liked it so much because writer/director, Pedro Almodóvar, takes a very sort of serious and sometimes dark subject matter and it’s not that he brushes over it lightly, but he infuses humour into it, which for me makes it bearable. A serious film turning on the same plot, might have been equally if not even more powerful, but I don’t think you’d leave the movie theatre with a smile, having had a good time. At the end of this movie, you’re left with a sense of optimism, that yes, bad things happen, life has unexpected turns, we’ve all got family issues that need dealing with, but if you keep an open mind, do what you have to do, it can all work out for the best.

See this movie, if you haven’t.

It’s raining here. Raining and taking away all the snow 😦 This is the place that winter never comes. It’s no wonder I can’t live here anymore.

Mood: grey, like the scene thru the skylight
Drinking: caramel, not flavoured, but coloured like, coffee
Listening To: white, noise
Hair: grey again

2 thoughts on “Silly Dreams

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  1. i like that pedro a. so obviously loves/adores women – evident in this movie and in all of his other ones. they are all such beautiful pieces.


  2. Yes! I totally agree. And because he loves them so much, you love them too. Well, I did at least. I loved those women!

    Also loved the gorgeous tiles on the wall. And I liked the camera angles. Those overhead shots were fantastic.


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